Rome Castles Museums and Archeological Sites

Rome Castles Museums and Archeological Sites

The area just south and east of Rome, known as the Castelli Romani e Prenestini, comprises a network of museums and archeological sites in several small historic towns.

The twenty cultural venues are representative of the area’s rich historic, artistic and cultural heritage in:

–  History and Archeology
–  Anthropology
–  Science and the Environmentncc-castelli-romani-frascati-villa-aldobrandini-2
–  Culture and Religion

A unique opportunity for vacationing families and culture professionals alike to walk ancient trails, become acquainted with old traditions and visit

–  small historic towns

–  churches and convents
–  medieval palaces
–  Roman aqueducts and imperial navy ships
–  a wine producing town and even
–  a toy museum

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