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Con i nostri esperti  Locals lavoriamo fianco a fianco per fornire servizi di altissima qualità, rivolti al turista:


  • D’Affari, culturale, un gruppo di interesse,
  • Sport, natura e cicloturismo, 
  • Case Vacanze, appartamenti e turismo rurale extralberghiero
  • Viaggi incentive, meeting o eventi speciali;
  • Organizzazione eventi enogastronomici, di benessere olistico, personalizzati per piccoli gruppi;
  • le attività che le selezioni della durata del tuo soggiorno, sono uniche e radicate nella cultura e nelle tradizioni locali.

Our Suggestions..

Dante in Marche Region – Pesaro e Urbino

… where he provided profound inspiration to the local culture.   Urbino is remembered by Dante in the 27th canto of the Inferno in a dialogue with Guido of Montefeltro, the local lord.   Fiorenzuola di Focara owes it notoriety for having hosted Dante Alighieri in a baker’s house where the poet experienced the emotion of strong gusts of windlashing the promontory on which stands a castle by the sea creating the most incredible anddangerous currents.   The Gradara Castle and rocks live in the hearts of lovers all over the world; here, the love story between Paolo de Malatesta and Francesca da Polenta – better known as Francesca da Rimini – blossomed, came to a tragic end waseternalized by Dante in the V canto of the Inferno. You can view the altarpiece by Giovanni Santi, father of Raffaello Sanzio – Raphael.  Pesaro is not directly cited by the poet, however it maintains strong connotations to Dante because Gianciotto de’ Malatesti, nicknamed the Cripple, was mayor of this seaside town and is buried here. Dante consigned him to Hel. …Read more   FONTE AVELLANA Dante Alighieri moved for the rest of his life in the footsteps of Pier Damiani, to whom he dedicated the XXI Song of the “Paradise” of the “Divine Comedy”, so he went on Mount Catria some time to find that culture and peace that Florence , unlike Ravenna, did not know how to secure it     booked a guided tour in Renaissance costume with President of Dante Association ask more informatiom to